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Who says healthy foods can't taste delicious?

Ranch Sprouted Pili Nuts: I LOVEEE THESE NUTS!!! Where have they been all my life? I have really been missing out all this time, because I did not even know they existed. They must be a relative of macadamia nuts, for sure, I know it. That is what they taste like, except they are 10 times more delicate, almost airy, when you bite on them. They also remind me of pine nuts. They are like a baby that a macadamia and a pine nut had.

I must be a ghee snob. I keep trying one brand after, trying to find ghee I really love......Well, this is IT! LOVE! This Brown Butter Ghee is heavenly, from the aroma to the flavor. I honestly could sit with a spoon and eat it straight out of the jar and I'm having a difficult time controlling my portions because it makes everything taste better.....from my pancakes to my scrambled eggs to the flavor of muffins. I love the texture.

Instant Farina: This stuff is SO GOOD. After being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, I began the AIP protocol. I searched high and low for an oatmeal replacement that would satisfy me in the mornings without spiking my blood sugar. Enter Tiger Nut Farina!! It’s sweet and cinnamon-y with NO ADDED SUGAR and keeps me full for hours! The texture is very coconut-y and gritty, which I happen to really enjoy.

These pancakes really are amazing and extremely filling. You can make a batch of these pretty quickly. The flavor is very nutty, but there's enough pancake goodness there to remind you that you are actually eating pancakes. Top it off with a little maple syrup and you've got something as close to the real deal as you can get without gluten. Granted, they're not going to taste like IHOP or Cracker Barrel's pancakes, but I suspect if you're buying this mix, you already are aware of that.

Keto Oatmal (Unsweet Cereal): For those living the low carb lifestyle, this is a godsend. It's nutty and really creamy when you add the water. It's not sweet--thus the unsweetened label but add some sugar free maple syrup, and it's awesome.

This stuff is great! I've never made my own pizza crust before, even when we ate wheat, but I imagine wheat based crusts are probably more difficult to deal with - the total opposite of most Paleo baked goods! Mix it up (I used avocado oil, as olive oil shouldn't be heated past 400), spread it on a parchment lined baking sheet, pop in the oven, VIOLA! Super easy and it tastes great. The smell of it baking was fantastic and it had the doughy/slightly sweet taste of real pizza dough. One thing I do recommend is baking a little longer than suggested, especially if you like it more crispy.

I'd also like to mention that I am so happy to see that this is made with NO gums or "extracts/flavors" (which usually contain excitotoxic components, i.e. yeast extract is just another name for MSG).