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Fermented Vegetables Shipping Notice

Fermented products are totally safe to ship without any cold packs. We do this help keep the cost as low as possible as these high quality products are already expensive and shipping heavy glass products also adds to the costs. We buy directly from the manufacturer and the products are delivered cold and stored cold at all times.

As the fermented product travels and warms up, the fermentation process may restart which creates CO2 gas and pressure inside the jar. The metal lid may bulge up or some juices may leak out. This is quite normal, and can vary with each batch of product. The product is 100% safe to consume, because nothing can get in due to high pressure inside - it's a one way movement from high to low. Also the original fermentation produces billions of good probiotic bacteria which totally colonize the vegetables. We put the product in bags to help keep the packaging and other products in the shipment from getting messy in the event of any leakage.

Please refrigerate the product upon arrival to stop any new fermentation. We strongly suggest if you have seen any lid bulging or leakage that you very slowly open the jar over a sink the first time before using to allow any built up CO2 to escape without spraying juice all over your kitchen.

We have done extensive testing with all of the brands that we carry, who have given us their approval to ship these products, unrefrigerated, up to 21 days safely. We aim for just a few days shipping, esp. during warm weather season and typically will hold orders received after Wednesday deadline to avoid product being held over a weekend. In the 11+ years of selling and shipping these products nationwide, we have never received notice of anyone becoming sick or ill.